Second national conference in Greece

//Second national conference in Greece

Second national conference in Greece

The final national conference in Greece under the title “Training of seasonal staff in the field of tourism and hospitality: challenges and opportunities” was successfully implemented on 12th December 2019, in Pyrgos, Greece. The conference was organized by Olympic Training & Consulting Ltd and it was supported by the Peloponnese Tourism Organization, the Public Institute of Vocational Training of Pyrgos and the Department of Tourism Management of the University of Patras.

Representatives from SeasonReady project such as the Institute for Tourism, the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and CESIE also participated. 

Mrs Sotiropoulou Katerina from Olympic Training & Consulting Ltd. welcomed all participants and referred to the contribution of SeasonReady project to the development of the skills of the seasonal staff in small and medium-sized hotels. The event was also welcomed by the President of the Chamber of Ilia, Mr Konstantinos Nikoloutsos and the general manager of Olympic Training & Consulting Ltd, Mr Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos. 

The conference was structured in three sessions. The first one was about the needs and policies of small-medium hospitality enterprises staff’s training with keynote speakers Mrs Filippidou Sofia, vice president of the Peloponnese Tourism Organization, Prof Argyropoulou Maria from the Department of Tourism Management of University of Patras, Mr Avgerinopoulos Paulos, vice director of the Public Institute of Vocational Training of Pyrgos and Dr Christodoulos Akrivos. 

During the second session the outcomes of SeasonReady project were presented, such as the methodology guide for WBL training in hospitality sector, the training material for the up-skilling of seasonal hospitality workers and the recommendations for the adoption of WBL in small-medium hospitality enterprises, by Mrs Rosina Ndukwe, Adult Unit coordinator of CESIE, Mrs Polina Kontodiakou, researcher of Peloponnese Tourism Organization and Mrs Nevena Kurtes, advisor for education from the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts. 

During the third and final session, the participants had the opportunity to learn about tourism and hospitality education policies and practices from Croatia and Italy by Dr Renata Tomljenović from the Institute for Tourism, Mr Zoran Varga from the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and Mrs Rosina Ndukwe from CESIE.

The conference ended with a discussion on the challenges in tourism and the importance of developing the skills of the employees of small and medium-sized hotels as well as possible use of the SeasonReady methodology and outcomes.


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