First national conference in Greece (October 2018)

//First national conference in Greece (October 2018)

First national conference in Greece (October 2018)








The conference was held in Argos by the Peloponnese Tourism Organization on 31st of October. The event was successful since 88 stakeholders active in the field of tourism and hospitality in multiple levels (members of local authorities, members of tourism associations, hotel owners, managers, employees in the hotel industry, public servants of the organization for unemployment, trainers in the field of tourism and hospitality and managers and directors of the public vocational centers run by the ministry of tourism, and students) attended. Also, local and regional press attended and recorded the event and the opinions of the key speakers about the project, its objectives and the progress that was made so far.

The main objective of the event was to present the SEASONREADY to multiple stakeholders that are active in the field of tourism and hospitality in multiple ways. Therefore, there was a thorough presentation of the aim of the project, the objectives and the desired outcomes. And this was achieved by presenting the first two products of the project that had already been prepared, namely “O1 – Research report on local/regional contexts and preconditions for successful introduction of work-based learning” and “O2- SeasonReady methodology guide for work-based learning in the hospitality sector”.

More specific, O1 was presented by the President of PTO, Dr. Konstantinos Marinakos, where the main findings of the research indicating the situation of employment in Tourism in Greece were shown, putting an emphasis on seasonal workers and the gap on skills and competences that was detected  on them. The methodology that were followed was presented accompanied by the main findings observed in all three partner countries (Croatia, Italy and Greece). Finally, emphasis was given on the skills that trainers of seasonal workers in the tourism and hospitality sector should have and the skills and competences required for seasonal workers when practicing certain professions in the sector (housekeeping, front office, food and beverage).

The second Intellectual outcome (O2- SeasonReady methodology guide for work-based learning in the hospitality sector) was presented by Mrs. Polina Kontodiakou, Researcher in PTO. The presentation aimed to provide the audience with detailed information on how this guide was developed and its usefulness to further progress of the project. Therefore, the theoretical framework upon which it was founded was explained, while the main steps of the educational procedure were fully described. In order to be fully understand by participants multiple examples of methods and tools of the guide were given. In this way, stakeholders, especially those directly involved in the training procedure of seasonal workers (owners of tourism business, managers, trainers, and employers) realized that this guide could become an easy and user-friendly tool that they could use in order to design training adjusted on their business’s specific needs.

There were also two more presentations from external experts in the field: Mr. Kaxrimanis Konstantinos, director of Vocational Training Center of the Ministry of Tourism presented the importance of training in Tourism in the contemporary tourism environment. In addition, Mr. Karachanidis Iordanis, trainer in the field of tourism presented the increase of competitiveness through the improvement of the services provision. Apart from these two speakers, there were also members of the local authorities, members of tourism associations that welcomed the event.

With regard to the dissemination of the event, it was achieved by multiple means. Flyers of the project were distributed to all participants. Apart from this, local and regional press were present, and articles were uploaded to numerous websites (over 30 announcements). Among these there is also an interview of the President of PTO in a local radio station that presented the project and it is available in the Youtube in the link given below: .

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