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What is SeasonReady about?

Tourism and hospitality industry is an important part of the European economy and more so in the Mediterranean countries. Europe wide, its 1.8 million businesses support 10.2 million direct jobs (16.6 including indirect).

Success of the sector depends on the quality of people working in it – how they are recruited and managed, trained and educated, valued and rewarded and supported through a process of continuous learning and career development. On the other hand, research shows that significant number of seasonal hospitality workers does not have specific training and experience in the tourism sector and that the investment in structured “in-house” training and “work-based” learning is low. Family owned hotels, small and medium size enterprises lack access to quality training opportunities for their staff. Also, the continuous VET (Vocational education and training) system for tourism and hospitality is out of tune with industry requirements and it is slowly responding to the sector’s needs.

As a reaction to this situation project “SeasonReady– Work-based learning for seasonal hospitality workers” aims at developing an effective and sustainable framework for CVET (Continuing education and training) in the tourism sector and concretely in the hospitality sector, addressed at small and medium enterprises employing seasonal staff. SeasonReady is a 24-month (September 2017- 2019) EU co-funded project under the Erasmus+ programme. It brings together 6 partners from 3 EU countries (Croatia, Italy and Greece). The project is coordinated by Institute for Tourism in Zagreb, Croatia. The partnership combines expertise in professional skills development with expertise in education and tourism issues.

See the full list of SeasonReady partners in the menu Partners.